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(These are just a sample of our latest testimonials - there are simply too many to list!)

Hi Kevin,

Thought I'd drop you a note following my flight to Scotland yesterday.

As bizarre as it felt on Friday tapping myself everywhere, I was actually quite amazed at how relaxed I was yesterday on my flight to Scotland.

As you suggested, I spent some time over the weekend practising the methods whilst running through the series of events in my head about getting on the plane etc. I also took myself off to the toilets 10 mins before boarding to have a final run through.

On the return flight last night, I was virtually on 0 and was quite looking forward to it. I spent some time thinking about what would happen if we got stuck on the runway and to my surprise, I couldn't even spook myself!

I'm really keen for you do do some hypnosis to underpin all of this work and to further strengthen my new thinking pattern. I'll give you a call or drop you a note to book a further appointment. Thanks again, Craig

Hi Kevin

So far so good, very few cravings and those that I have had have been easy to deal with. I have listened to the CD every day not sure how much is going in, I tend to fall asleep but I have to say feel very relaxed after. Chris has been amazed, I think he was dreading it, as when I have given up smoking in the past I become horrible especially to him, he said yesterday that if I was anymore relaxed I'd be in a coma!.

So thank you very much, you gave all and much more than was offered on your website.

Kind Regards

Amanda Harker - Worcs

Hi Kevin,

I am feeling great. I have so much more patience and just feel happier. I am also happy to get up and have a full day. I have done things in the past 4 days that I would have never done previously. I have had some low back pain and a few headaches, but nothing unbearable. Emotionally, I am just a completely different person.

I cannot thank you enough. Really. Our time together was amazing. By the way, I am yet to stay awake for the full hypnotherapy session! :-) I find it incredibly relaxing!

Many thanks,

Julie Ann

I went to see kevin with a severe needle phobia i had developed as a young child, after one session with kevin the phobia was gone, with the use of EFT and hypnotherapy, things have changed for me dramatically, but most importantly, kevin is warm, friendly, and creates a relaxed and positive atmosphere, where you feel you can let go and tackle any problem, kevin also gives material on self help at home, which is an excellent after care service not offered by many others, i would recommend kevin to anyone.


Hi Kevin

It`s been 3 years today that Helen & myself came to your clinic and we have not smoked 1 cigarette in that time,we would like to say again a big THANK YOU.

Hope you are well.

Norma Helen and of course Ron


sorry i have not emailed sooner i wanted to see what would happen first. I am so so so happy to say that i have lost 3 pounds since i saw you 5 days ago !!!! I can not believe it!! I haven't wanted to pick or snack between meals and I FEEL WHEN I'M HUNGRY AND KNOW WHEN TO STOP!! It was strange at first but i'm use to it now. My eating has slowed down and you were right EFT is the best thing ever !!! Plus instead of picking and snacking i seem to be drinking water instead so my brain now knows what my body needs and isn't getting food and drink confused!!!


I was desperate and at rock bottom when I sought help from Kevin Garrington. Since childhood I had found difficulty in sleeping and as the pressures of adulthood had grown I had resorted to both alcohol and pills to provide release. This had taken its toll and I felt exhausted and depressed. The treatment I received in just three sessions gave me a framework to both understand and help myself back into a balanced frame of mind where I could give in to a night's restful sleep. During the whole experience I was supported continuously by the positive effect of the treatment and by replies to my emails so that I never felt alone. I honestly feel that if I was helped in this way then anyone brave enough to seek help to explore themselves may also be helped. It has proved a most uplifting experience and I cannot recommend this treatment or Kevin Garrington highly enough. He was always professional, very kind and explained everything clearly so that I could progress easily to the pleasure of sleeping.

JC Worcs

Hi Kevin,

Sorry I have not emailed you in a while I’ve been really busy on the run up to Christmas and then New Year in New York (by the way it was amazing) and especially worth giving up smoking for. Next Saturday it will be 5 months since I came to see you - I can’t actually believe how long it has been, but one thing is for sure I haven’t looked back. It was the best money I ever spent!!

Hope you are well, and had a great Christmas and New Year.

Thanks again

Elizabeth Hill

Hi Kevin!

Just a quick e-mail to wish you a Merry Christmas and to thank you for a pain free year. (yes it has been 12 whole months!)

Best wishes for 2010!


Hi Kevin

Thanks for getting in touch, well, so far so good with regards the no smoking.

My moods and energy levels have all picked up and evened out so I feel pretty positive. I can't say I've had any actual cravings which is fantastic

Thanks again so much for an incredible treatment.

Kind Regards,

Judy T

Hi Kevin,

I just wanted to let you know the latest news, that I have now reached my 'target' weight, well I am actually 1lb under it! I weighed in today at 9st 9lb! I couldn't believe it this morning, I had to get my daughter to check the scales with me to make sure I wasn't seeing things! Thanks again for giving me the 'tools' to achieve, I really didn't expect to be at this weight ever again, and certainly not within 4 months of first seeing you!

I just want to thank you for your help in focussing my mind and habits and getting me here - I am so happy. A great Christmas present.

Once again thank you for your help. Merry, Merry Christmas!

Debi H

Hi Kevin,

I just thought I'd let you know how the weight loss is going.

I am now down to under 10st for the first time in 10 years!! I now only have 4lb to go to reach my personal weight target of 9st 10lb and all in just about 3 months! I am so very happy and very, very grateful to you and your 'system'.

Thanks again

Deb H

Hi Kevin

Just to let you know I have now lost a total of 16lbs! Only 10lbs to go :--)

Thanks Again

Debi H

Hi Kevin,

It was 5 weeks on Saturday since i came to see you and still have not smoked. I have finished listening to the CD now and feel great. Me and matt are going to New York for New Year as by that time i would have saved around £400 from not smoking so i am treating myself!

Hope you are well and still hearing success stories from your clients.

I cant thank you enough - its a miracle!!

Elizabeth Hill (Lizzy - Non Smoker)

Hi Kevin,

My 'last' appointment was last night, and I just wanted to say thank you for the work you have done with me.

In the 4 weeks since my first appointment, I have lost 11lbs, stopped snacking unthinkingly, have not wanted, craved, or needed wine, beer, crisps, chocolate, biscuits, sweets, cakes or chips. No, not even under stress, or under pressure from 'The Tempter'.

I am managing to disengage myself from situations/people that would have totally wound me up & seen me heading for the nearest Oreo!

I find that I can buy all of the above for others, but they don't worry me anymore, they don't 'call' to me - you have cut off their direct dial to me! Thank you...

I am heading off tomorrow for a couple of days riding, so now at least the horse won't get backache having me on board!

Thanks again, Kevin - will keep you updated as things progress

Debbie H

Hi Kevin,

Just wanted to keep you updated with me. I still have not smoked since 12 September when i came to see you. It hasnt even bothered me - although i have had thoughts about smoking i havent had the urge to smoke. I am believing in myself alot more as a non-smoker and am really enjoying it. My mum is over the moon and keeps reminding me how well im doing which is great. I have told a few people that i have quit smoking and most people dont believe me as i have been doing it for so long. Still listening to the CD every night which i find a great help.

Thanks again for all your help,


Hi Kevin.

Just to thank you once again for all of your help in giving up smoking.

My wife feels very strongly about giving up and has exhasted all other self-help (patches etc). She feels that she can't do it on will-power alone. Therefore would it be possible for her to book with you?

Could you let us know when you are avaliable?

Many thanks again


- Gareth's wife attended a week later and she quit too!

Hi Kevin

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I wanted to leave it a few weeks so as to be able to give you a proper indication of my state of health and not a false positive. Because that is what it seems to have been over the past three weeks - increasing positives, both mentally and physically.

I have to admit when I first heard of Bio-resonance and EFT I was sceptical. I have spent most of my therapeutic life in the NHS and had never considered alternative therapies as an option. It just never even appeared on my radar until the NHS ran out of treatments that I hadn't already tried.

I can't tell you how glad I am that you and your treatment were recommended to me and that I signed up for the intensive three day course before I chickened out. And it was intensive and I was exhausted when I got home but I needed to do it the way we did in order to get everything out without going away and thinking about what I was saying and doing and possibly sabatoging the treatment.

My energy levels are soaring and my brain fog has all but disappeared. My physical capabilities are practically back to normal and whereas I do sometimes feel pain, I believe it is not necessarily down to FMS but the use of muscles that haven't been used for such a long time. And the pain never, ever lasts.

I don't know how much help the e-capsule helps but I do carry it round with me and sleep with it under my pillow every night. However, the EFT has proven to be an extremely useful tool that I will use for the rest of my life along with the tapping. And the CD is fantastic.

Altogether, Kevin, your treatment has proven to be life-changing and I will never be able to thank you enough.

I will let you know if anything changes be it positive or negative and if I ever lose faith or feel the need for a 'top-up', I will be on the phone to you straight away.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Hi Kevin

Thought I'd drop you a line and let you know how things are going.

I have lost 1st 3lbs to date!!!!!!!

I don't feel like it is wearing off and I don't feel like you are in control of it, I am! Not sure whether this is because this time we did self hypnotism or what, but I thought you'd be interested to know.

The most amazing thing is that I've just been on holiday for 2 weeks, while away in turkey I ate and drank everything I wanted, in the past I could gain easily 7lbs-14lbs in a 2 week holiday, this time I have lost another 1lbs!!!!

Hope you are ok, thanks for everything


P.s if anything does change or I end up addicted to somthing else I'll see you again!

Hi Kevin

Thank you very much for seeing me on the 29 June I thought you would be pleased to hear that i have in fact lost 6IIB in weight since i last saw you and still loosing

Gone are the late evening binges

Gone are the secret biscuits

Gone are the eating fast episodes

I am far more able to control my diet and enjoy my food now without feeling that i am worrying about my weight and have started to excercise more and feeling much better in myself .

The staff here have commented on my weight loss

In the last two sessions i have had with you i have given up smoking and am now able to control my diet i have reccomended you to all my staff and friends

once again thank you so much take care - Sue Powell, Worcs

Hi Kevin

I am still feeling really well; I haven't felt this clear headed for years - no more episodes of 'brain fog' since visiting you last year.

Marlene Dunn - South Wales

Hi Kevin

It`s been 2 years today that Helen and myself came to your clinic and we have not smoked 1 cigarette in that time, we would like to say a big THANK YOU.

Norma & Helen Swansea

Hi Kevin, Things have been amazing, Sunday Evening I was out with a guy that Smoked, I even went outside with him for smoke breaks and felt nothing but disgusted by them, I have felt great ever since my visit, its as if I had never smoked, even though I know I did. I almost feel it would be Harder to smoke one now than it was to give up in the first place.

All the old feelings I had about smoking have gone, I can now survive a whole working day without even noticing I am not smoking, the whole Psychological thing has gone, I walk past people in the street that are smoking and Smell that terrible smell.....(which is great)...I havent smoked one since that Saturday, I know its only been less than 2 weeks, but the ease of which the time has passed has convinced me that the Smoking Habit is now finally gone..

Many Thanks again Kevin, you are a genius...

(Oh and by the way, there will be quite a few Colleagues and friends contacting you very soon)

Ross Vincent - South Wales (an EX-Smoker)

Hi Kevin

Thank you for emailing me to see how I am!!

I have been fine for the most part - i have resigned my position at work in the last few days so things have been rather stressful but the good thing there is that although things have been rather tough i have not smoked or even wanted to smoke! Has almost been like the ultimate test.

Your session has proved incredibly successful for me and i really dont envisage myself requiring another visit re smoking!

I honestly cant thank you enough - i know my brother and mother will be contacting you in due course for the same session!

thanks again Kevin for all your help!!

kind regards

Chris B. - Worcester

I have tried various methods to quit smoking, all unsuccessful I might add! I was given Kevin Garrington's number and having no experience of hypnotherapy before, I was a little bit sceptical. Kevin informed me that I would have no cravings and feel different about smoking once I had finished my consultation. He is true to his word, I no longer crave a cigarette and feel better within myself. Thank you Kevin, I feel more healthy, I am better off and don't have to be reliant on nicotine.

Andrew Holder - Bromsgrove

Age 34


Hi Kevin

Apologies for not keeping in-touch. My energy levels are great, loads of energy, waking up feeling clear-headed, optimistic, just normal - it's quite amazing really. Never thought i'd feel like that again but I do, plus I've been losing weight, 11lbs in 8 weeks, so far! I can only think the EFT has un-blocked emotional issues here too. . Everything is going great and I feel tons better. If I do have a bit of an off day, it passes within a few hours, great eh?!! I'm doing the EFT, although I have found I just simply have not needed to lately. I do use it though, as a precaution just incase I'm facing a difficult time etc.. I never thought I'd feel so normal like this again! I feel that your treatments, the Bio-resonance, EFT etc; have all worked amazingly well, so thank you. Thanks for your constant support, it is really encouraging and very much appreciated..

Take care

Kay - Ex-Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue sufferer - Cheshire

(These are just a sample of our latest testimonials - there are simply too many to list!)